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Micro Loop Hair Extensions

Micro Loop hair Extensions are an innovative hair system, using pre-bonded human hair which is attached to your own hair, to create volume, length and highlighting and low-lighting effect without the use of heat, glue, sew-ins or anything that may damage your hair.

Micro Loops are not only extremely versatile, natural looking and easy to maintain, but if looked after properly, micro loop extensions can last up to a year! At Candy Locks, I use 100% Remy Human Hair in Micro Loop Extensions, the hair will fall naturally with your own hair, and are easily styled.

Micro Loop Hair Extensions from behind. Micro Loop Hair Extensions from behind.

Micro Loop Pre-Care

Wash your hair with a clarifying hair shampoo to remove any hair products that you have worn in your hair, and do not use a hair conditioner, as this will make the hair silky and might make the Micro Loop Hair Extensions slip.
Do not have your hair trimmed just before your Micro Loop Hair Extension fitted as the blending of the extension with your own hair will not be as effective.

Hair Maintenance

Photo of Micro Loop Hair Extension Maintenance.

You should have your Micro Loop Hair Extension undergo a Hair Maintenance booking every 6-8 weeks, to maintain the beauty of the Micro Loop Extension, in the instance of the Micro Loops Hair Extensions having slipped or have grown with your hair are re-fitted to the proper position, to help continue the vitality and beauty of the Micro Loop Hair Extension.

Micro Loop After-Care

Try not to wash your hair for at least 48 hours after having your Micro Loop Hair Extension fitted, as your hair requires this time for the hair to settle. When washing your hair with shampoo or conditioning your hair, be sure not get the products on the Micro Loop bond, as this may cause the Micro Loop Hair Extension to slip. Try and use a shampoo what is recommended for hair extensions which doesn’t have silicon base as this can cause the bond to slip or alcohol as this can dry out the Micro Loop Hair Extension. However, it is a good idea to apply a leave in hair conditioner as this will help hydrate the Micro Loop Hair Extension and your own hair. If you use heat i.e. curling tongs or a hair dryer on your hair, try not to wash your hair more than twice a week as this can reduce longevity of your Micro Loop Hair Extensions.

Towel drying your hair, do not rub your hair excessively but rather blot or squeeze excess water out, as this may damage your hair, and cause tangling. Do not leave your hair wet after washing your hair, as your hair will matt up, ensure you use a drying method to prevent this risk. Brush your hair through thoroughly with a soft bristle brush, holding your hair from the roots and start brushing at the ends working up to the roots to reduce tangling and loss of hair. Ensure that you brush your hair at least once a day, but no more than three, as brushing the hair too much can reduce the longevity of your hair. Before going to bed, wear your hair in a braid to prevent your hair getting tangled whilst your sleep.

Micro Loop Hair Extension Removal

This is not a long process but do however be prepared for normal hair loss. Everyone loose approximately 100 strands of hair a day, this is classed as normal hair shedding. So depending on the length of time you have worn your Micro Loop Hair Extension, this will mirror the normal process – so do not be alarmed when you have your Micro Loop Hair Extension removed.